Semi Private Training

Functional Fitness Semi-Private Training is for anybody who wants the personal training experience, but doesn’t want the personal training price. Everybody who takes part in this program gets their own personalized program designed to get you to meet your goals.


Before the training ever starts, we take everybody through an extensive Success Session. It is important for us to meet with everybody to understand why you want to join, what your goals are and how we can help you reach them. This process also allows us to screen for injury and limitation in movement, giving us the tools to design a program that will keep you injury-free and meet you where you are. Everybody involved with Functional Fitness must be screened before participating in our training programs.

Semi-private sessions allow you to schedule your workouts based on your availability. You spend your session with a highly trained coach who works with up to five other members at a time. Each semi-private client has a program designed based on their movement screening results. Workouts are coached thoroughly to ensure proper movement, minimal risk of injury and appropriate use of weights and equipment. Accountability is a big part of our semi-private training sessions. When you don’t show up for your training – we notice. We do what we can to get you in our doors!


  • Monday-Thursday 5:30am – 7:30pm

  • Friday 5:30am – noon

These workouts are scheduled based around your availability. Sessions are scheduled on the hour and are offered throughout the day.


We have been in our own facility since April 2013. The space is unlike anything you’ve seen before. You won’t see many treadmills, weight machines or ellipticals here. We train using our Jungle Gym suspension systems, Resistance Bands, kettlebells, sand bags, stability balls, medicine balls, sleds and more!


Because where else are you going to get the accountability, nutrition coaching, and results Functional Fitness provides?

If you’re tired of trying to figure it out on your own, overwhelmed by all the conflicting health information out there, frustrated with yo-yo dieting and want somebody who cares about your health and results, Functional Fitness is your answer.




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