Athlete Training

Every summer, we offer an 8-12 week training program geared to athletes 7th grade & older. The program focuses on power development, body awareness and control, speed & agility as well as strength training.

The training is not sport specific -there is ample research to support the development of athletes over skill development at this lower age level. Training to become more athletic will carry over into all sports.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on summer training here & on our Facebook page.

Athlete Training

For athletes looking to train outside of the summer sessions or during times not available for summer athlete training, we highly recommend semi-private training.

In season? We shoot for 1-2 days per week. Find a way to maintain strength without overloading the body.

Outside of the sports season? 2-3 days is recommended, depending on the athlete's availability & the athlete's goals.

Before training ever starts, the athlete & a parent come in for a Success Session. It is important for us to meet with everybody to understand why you want to join, what your goals are and how we can help you reach them. This process also allows us to screen for pain and limitations in movement, giving us the tools to design a program that will keep you injury-free and meet you where you are. Everybody involved with Functional Fitness must be screened before participating in our training programs.

Semi-private sessions allows us to schedule your workouts based on your availability. You spend your session with a highly trained coach who works with up to five other members at a time. Each semi-private client has a program designed based on their movement screening results. Workouts are coached thoroughly to ensure proper movement, minimal risk of injury and appropriate use of weights and equipment. Accountability is a big part of our semi-private training sessions. When you don’t show up for your training – we notice. We do what we can to get you in our doors!




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