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Coach Trevor

Head Coach

I was born and raised in Redwood Falls. I was gone for about a decade attending college at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN and playing basketball overseas in Germany. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Gustavus, with a BA in Health Fitness (pre-chiropractic) and a minor in coaching.

I got into training in part because of life-long enjoyment of being an athlete. I strive to bring the inner-athlete out in everyone. I wanted to help the community become healthy and active. This whole “Functional Fitness” thing was my grand plan. I love my job because of the “ah-ha” moments and client breakthroughs. It’s a great feeling knowing that I am helping this world become a healthier place.

I own a business, so it keeps my “hobbies” to a minimum. I am, however, a life-long learner. I constantly read books & listen to podcasts that relate to training, exercise and nutrition. I like to incorporate my new findings into our programming at Functional Fitness.

It keeps things interesting for our clients and allows me to keep up on the latest research.

Coach Erin

Facility Manager

I was born and raised in Rochester, MN. I have been involved in sports from a very young age – from watching my older brother and sister to becoming involved in youth soccer and basketball. My love of staying active and being part of a team continued through college, as I played basketball at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. Although I was unsure of my future career path, I tentatively settled into a degree in health and physical education with minors in adaptive physical education and coaching.

After two years of teaching, I decided that something was missing. The constant battle of motivating the kids and trying to keep them on task took away from the impact I wished I could have. I decided to make
the move to Redwood Falls to help Trevor, my then-boyfriend, with his new training business. While I was helping him with admin work for Functional Fitness, I was also taking classes to learn the skills of a graphic designer – arts and crafts has always been a fun hobby of mine.

Functional Fitness has been a great fit with my diverse background of graphic design, health/fitness teaching and coaching. The best part of my job at Functional Fitness is the people – employees, clients and
community. It has been a great experience to be part of a business from the beginning, helping it grow and watching the community embrace FF. Building the relationships with clients and the trust that they have in
FF has made the long hours and new business struggles worth it! It is great knowing what a positive impact all the FF coaches have on the community’s health.

Coach Alexis

Head Coach

Like a few of our other coaches here, I’ve called Redwood Falls home my whole life. My fascination with how the human body worked along with my passion for helping people led me to an Exercise Science degree at Augustana University with an emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy. I had tunnel vision towards a graduate program and spent my first three years at school volunteering in hospital therapy wings and working at private physical therapy practices.

Everything changed senior year when I had what I like to
affectionately call a quarter-life-crisis where I reevaluated my entire career path and decided to turn my attention towards training. Senior level exercise science classes along with an internship at FF in January
helped solidify that choice.

Since graduation, I’ve gained my personal training certification through the American College of Sports Medicine. I love the exercise science field because it is always changing and there are so many paths to

I also love that I work in a field where I get to meet and connect with new people all the time.

Coach Holden


Coach Daynna

Manager & Head Coach, Springfield Facility

Coach Alicia

Head Coach, Sleepy Eye Facility

Coach Vicki

Run Club Coach

Coach Ashley

Owner of FF Pass Christian

Nutrition Coach




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