Functional Fitness Team Training is for busy women and men who want a results-driven, effective and efficient workout without having to worry about a thing.  Just show up, work out with highly trained coaches, and reap the benefits.

This program uses a multi-level system to give the appropriate stimulus to ANY FITNESS LEVEL.  Advanced trainees will train right next to beginners who will progress safely, effectively, and efficiently.  Both walk away with a sense of accomplishment and results you deserve from your workout.  Coaches are moving throughout the space ensuring each person performs the exercises correctly and safely.


What is Team Training?

We pride ourselves on our high level of coaching and accountability.  Before the training ever starts, we take everybody through a FREE Success Session.  It is important for us to meet with everybody to understand why you want to join, what your goals are and how we can help you achieve them.  This process also allows us to screen for injury or limitation in movement, giving us the tools to provide a better training experience.  Everybody involved with Functional Fitness must be screened before participating in our  training programs.

After the Success Session, our clients will be invited to take part in a trial membership.  This allows you to try us out without being locked into a long-term commitment.  In these first 21 days, our coaches will provide an experience like no other in the area!  We are there to teach you specific soft tissue work and correctives in your first one on one session.  We are also there every step of the way – making sure you understand each exercise and are performing it correctly, at a safe level.  If you ever have questions, our coaches are a few steps away!

Our program is a member-only experience.  In order for us to help you reach your goals, we need you to be committed.  Our 45 minute training sessions target the entire body with a specific emphasis on those problem areas (inner thighs, love handles, triceps, etc…).  We have separate days for strength and metabolic.  All members are encouraged to take advantage of both types of training. Our program is designed to maximize fat burn and muscle tone.  This revolutionary design allows us to get a great workout in 45 minutes, so you can get on with the rest of your life and burn fat while you sleep.


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We have been in our own facility since April 2013.  We have already expanded to accommodate all our members — and are in the midst of our final renovations! The space is unlike anything you’ve seen before.  You won’t see any treadmills, weight machines or ellipticals here.

We train using our Jungle Gym suspension system, resistance bands, kettlebells, sand bags, stability balls and medicine balls.

<<< Located at 700 East Bridge Street, Redwood Falls, MN 56283 >>>


Our members become a community – they encourage each other to attend consistently, train their hardest & congratulate each other on their accomplishments.  Come join the Functional Fitness family!

Also, we deliver our members results.  Check out some success stories here.



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