How to Implement Specific Practices In Your Life To Increase Happiness and Health.

Lifestyle Habit Challenge:  6 Weeks - 6 Practices

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Have you ever found yourself...
           -lost or unsatisfied?
          -searching for meaning?
          -unable to be fully present because you are stressed out?
          -feeling like your mindset was your limiting factor, if only you could control that thing between your ears :)

Are you a doer that is looking to optimize your potential, get more joy and productivity out of your day, and be all around happier?

If any of this sounds like you, or you are just curious what we are up to :), I want to personally invite you to our newest challenge, THE ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE.  

The Ulitmate Lifestyle Challenge is unlike anything we have ever done at Functional Fitness.  Typically, our focus is on exercise and nutrition.  While those elements are important, some other key elements of health and happiness are missing.  In this challenge, I want to expose you to some practices that have been used by different cultures for centuries.  

The habits you will practice are ones I have implemented and practice in my own life.  They are simple, yet profound.  I like to call them levers because, albeit small, they can make a massive impact on your health and happiness.  

These practices are not going to take over your day.  Most take less than 10 minutes, some take less than 5, all take less than 15 minutes.  Just a few short minutes of profound impact.  In 6 weeks you will get to practice 6 habits, each for 7 days. 

We will also be using my brand new (sort of brand new, we have been developing for over a year) software, Habit Catalyst, to implement this challenge.  Each day, through your smartphone or email, you will receive a question on whether or not you successfully completed the practice from the previous day.  Once you answer yes or no, the software sends that data to Functional Fitness.  I can see who is doing well and who isn't.  

We are going to have a private Facebook group as well where I can help coach you and we can support each other.  

The purpose of this challenge is simplicty.  Do the practice, check-in daily, read the content, see profound results.  

I look forward to working with you, 

I am practicing. I will not be 100% successful every time. That is ok. I need to just keep practicing. Much more positive concept.

July 2017

    >> Change Your Life in 6 Weeks <<

    Learn to Master the Mind  

    For many, the mind is their limiting factor.  In this challenge, we have one specific habit that will help to retrain the mind, find greater focus, and find great happiness.  Kind of sounds like voo doo!  When practiced regularly, it kind of is :) 

    Learn to Master Health AND Happiness 

    Certain practices, when done often enough, have a profound impact on our health and our happiness.  These practices have been known for centuries but are rarely practiced consistently.  These simple practices are giant levers that make profound changes in our lives.  We will explore mindset, happiness, activity, and sleep.  

    Daily Check-In and Accountability

    Each week you will be given a new practice. The practices are simple and short. Most require less than a 10-minute commitment. Every morning you will be asked if you did your practice yesterday. As coaches, we know if you checked in and what you answered. This way if you are struggling we know quickly and can help you break down barriers.


    What sets everything that we do at Functional Fitness apart is coaching.  This challenge will be no different.  You will have me by your side the entire challenge.  I have gone through the mess and pulled out the important steps.  You simply have to implement.  

    The Ultimate Lifestyle Challenge

    6 Practices that will change your life
    Practice #1:  Cutoff

    7 Days               

    This one thing could be killing your nightime zzz's.  Learn why and what to do about it.   

    Practice #3: Appreciate

    7 Days                

    This one practice will make you happier, instantly.

    Practice #5:  Activity

    7 Days                

    Are you being active every day? Did you know that being active boosts your brain power?  It's time to practice.  

    Practice #2:  Restore

    7 Days               

    Practice the lead domino.  This practice, once mastered, makes all the other practices and life in general easier and better. 

    Practice #4:  Calm 

    7 Days                

    This practice is a guided journey to more calm.  Learn to observe the mind and gently bring it back under your control.

    Practice #6: Preparation

    7 Days                

    "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail"  Increase your productivity and give yourself a sense of calm with this one simple practice.  

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    What You’ll Get

                Daily Content to Reinforce                   Your Daily Practice

    Daily Check-Ins via Email or Your Smartphone

    Accountability and Coaching
    from Trevor

    It is easy, when you are trying to become a better person to get wrapped up in the BIG changes.Major nutritional changes and a focus on fitness are the obvious changes.  However, if we don't change ourselves at a more basic level it can be hard to be successful at the bigger changes.

    July 2017 
    John Doe UI/UX Designer

    Planning & meditation probably would be my ‘AHA moments’ because I didn't think I would benefit from them, but I do.

    Is This Challenge Right for You?


    • Those who are looking to get the most out of their day
    • Those who feel scrambled 
    • Those who struggle with accountability, knows what to do but needs someone to help them do it
    • Those who feel their mind is holding them back
    • Those who struggles to be present  


    • Those not interested in self-improvement
    • Those who have mastered their mind
    • Those who are present in every moment
    • Those who have taken time to design the life they want and are executing every day

    Feel More in Control in 6 Weeks or Your Money Back

    If you take the challenge and execute with a compliance percentage above 70% and don't feel like it was worth your time, simply send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.


    Access to a private Facebook Group

    This will be your place to ask questions and reach out to the coaches and other participants in the group.  It's private to encourage participation.  This will also be where we hold our weekly meetings - recorded for you to look back on throughout the challenge.


    Office Hours = Weekly Facebook Live

    Every Friday you will be asked to check-in to analyze how your week went.  This will also be an opportunity to submit questions.  During the Facebook Live event, we will go over any questions and give you a chance to ask more questions.  

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    6-Week Lifestyle Challenge

      • 6 Weeks: March 20 - April 30
    • Six 1-Week Practices
    • Daily Check-Ins via Smartphone or Email utilizing Habit Catalyst
    • Daily Lessons 
    • Private Facebook Accountability Group
    • Private Facebook Live 

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