We pride ourselves on being different.

We are different for many reasons:  we care about you and your health, we want you to succeed, we actively search for ways to get you results, we are invested in you and your success.

We aren’t right for everybody.

We demand a lot from our members.  We hold our members accountable — if you don’t show up for training, you get contacted.  Our members don’t just show up and go through the motions.  They strive to get better – stronger, faster, more powerful.  With the help of our highly trained coaching staff, our members develop the strength to perform movements they never dreamed of doing.


It’s all in their stories.


KarenM  CarolJ  ShellieM LoriAMargaretS JenM JessNess













Bryce Irwin - Member of the Month

Bryce Irwin – Member of the Month


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