At FF, not every athlete is the same.  Athletes at different stages of development need different activities to optimize their potential.  Adjustments are even needed from one athlete to the next in the same sessions.

This is what sets FF athletic development from any other athletic development.  In a typical session your child will work on…

  • Soft Tissue Health to keep them healthy and injury free;

  • Mobility and Flexibility to keep them mobile and agile;

  • Core Strength to create a strong foundation;

  • Power Development to run faster and jump higher;

  • Strength Development to give the athlete a bigger engine;

  • Conditioning to make sure the athlete has gas all the way to the end.

We do this all in our 60-minute sessions.  Seems like a lot but don’t worry we have been doing this for years.

As a parent in rural America, you have a couple options:

One: Send your kid to the locally run “athletic development” program where your child will be one of many.

  • They probably won’t get the individual attention they need to take their athleticism to the next level because the coach to athlete ratio is too high.  Too many kids, too few coaches.

  • Those who are coaching the programs, I see it all the time, do not have any special training in youth athletic development.  They never studied youth development, biomechanics, shin angles, power development, proper strength development based on age, proper acceleration mechanics or cutting mechanics, etc.

  • Much of the session is simply  running the kids through a bunch of drills, which are not appropriate for their age development,  to make them tired that were printed off the internet the night before.

Two: Train at FF.

Here a few things we do to optimize your child’s experience:

  • Our coaches all have college degrees and certifications in movement.  This is what we do every day as our job, not just as a part-time gig.

  • We limit our training session sizes so each athlete can get the individual attention he or she deserves.

  • Our programming progresses throughout the summer as the child improves and is individualized to each child.  We don’t give drills to kids to that are not developmentally ready for those drills.

  • We talk nutrition because its not just what you do in the gym, it’s also how you fuel your body

All of this translates into faster development and a better experience for your child.  Our track record of working with high-level athletes speaks for itself.

In the end, we have one goal:  create an awesome experience for your child and get them as freakishly athletic as possible.

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For Athletes Going Into Grades 1-4 for 2017-2018 School Year

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For Athletes Going Into Grades 8th & older for 2017-2018 School Year


From the desk of Coach Trevor:

Having played all the way from high school sports to professional sports I know what is takes to get to the top.  Training was the x-factor for me.  I knew at the end of the day I would fall to the level of my training.  I made sure I sought out the best and trained with the best to push  myself to another level.  I have been fortunate to find some great coaches along the way and I want to give the same opportunity to our local kids here in Southwestern, MN.

I get questions from parents all the time how do my kids become a better athlete.  What I tell them is when they are young they should be playing all the time.  Lots of different types of play and experience tons of different sports.  Kids don’t just go outside and play as much as they did before so we created a program to address these elements.  It also allows us to sneak in some teaching about proper movement patterns as well.  It’s kind of like hiding the broccoli in the brownies.  

As kids start to age and begin hitting puberty they need to learn proper movement patterns and begin to build strength on those patterns.  As kids enter high school and if they are serious about how they perform on the court, ice, or field the easiest way to improve athleticism is proper training.   

By train, I don’t mean practice their sport but use the field of strength and conditioning to increase their engine (capacity) to perform at a higher level.  Strength and conditioning has changed the world of sport as know it.  This training has allowed athletes to reach unforseen heights and accomplish amazing feats.  

They need to work on movement quality, mobility, flexibility, power, and most importantly strength.  A well designed and executed strength training program is the fastest way to get better as an athlete.  Not only will your speed, quickness, and agility show up on the court but your body will be more injury resistant.  That means no more sitting on the bench because you are hurt.  

Having gone through all ranks of athletics from 4th grade to professional I have had the experience to train with the best.  What separates the elite from those that want to be is their dedication to getting better off the court, ice, or field in the off-season.  

Elite players are built in the off-season.  

Hopefully we get the chance to help your child become the best athlete he/she can be this summer at Functional Fitness.

-Coach Trevor Wittwer



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