We know, summer is a busy time.  Each year, you think, "This is the year.  I'm going to get back in shape and feel confident in my swimming suit."  Yet, here we are, at the end of summer, and you've been hanging out in your oversized cover up to hide the too many s'mores, beers and pot luck meals that have ended up in front of you.  

That's okay.  As your kids go back to school, road trips come to an end, NOW is the time to focus on YOU.  What better way than to join a community that has proven to help others make great changes to their health?  The best part?  You could WIN A TRIP -- it's not just a single winner for the best overall results.  There is a benchmark.  Everybody who hits it is winning a trip!

In June, we ran a brand new type of challenge. It was 4 weeks and couples only. We didn't know what to expect but were BLOWN AWAY by the results. Over 90% of those who weighed in reached their goal of 20lb weight loss between the partners. Each of the teams pictured above are going on a vacation paid for by FF! Want to join them?

It's Time to COMMIT!

We have options for everybody:
Local, Distance, Members, Non-Members.

Teams of 2 or 4 people will be teaming up to tackle this challenge.  It's time for you to recruit your team.  Who will help to hold you accountable, pick you up when you stumble, and celebrate your wins with you?  Not to mention, who do you want to go on vacation with???

What You Get for Registering


Simple nutrition guidelines to follow PLUS 6 weeks of meal plans, complete with simple & delicious recipes.


On top of FF training, you'll get daily workouts that can be completed at home, on-the-go or in a gym complete with videos!


Everything we do at FF is coached by highly qualified professionals with tons of experience coaching people just like you.



Between the coaches, your teammates and other challenge participants, we won't let you fall through the cracks.


Daily lessons delivered right to your email or smart phone.  No more wondering why you're doing what you're doing.


Daily and weekly check-ins to allow you to be honest with yourself about your actions and allow you to make changes if needed.

The Details: Dates & Guidelines


If you live in the area, we'll do a body comp at FF.

Fri, 9/8 from 5a-3p Sat, 9/9 from 8-10a


If you reach the benchmark, you earn the trip.

Teams of 2: 25lb
Teams of 4: 50lb

NM Screen

We screen for pain and limitations to adapt your training.

Wed, 9/6 at 6:30p
Thurs, 9/7 at 6:45p​

It's time to plan YOUR challenge!
Whether you're a member, a non-member or you live across the state or country, we have an option for YOU!  In order to be eligible for prizes, you need to be part of a team.  Teams can have 2 or 4 people, no exceptions.  Pricing is listed below - Registration opens August 27!


All Challenge Goodies + Unlimited Team Training!

​$59 - No Team, No Prizes

$79 - Teams of 2 or 4


Non-Members get All the Challenge Goodies + Choice of Training at FF:

Unlimited Team Training:

3x/wk Semi-Private Training:


All Challenge Goodies + Distance Workouts:


It's Time to COMMIT!

We have options for everybody:
Local, Distance, Members, Non-Members.

Teams of 2 or 4 ONLY


JOIN Coach Joe Thielen as he coaches 6 weeks of Advanced Kickboxing!  Kickboxing will meet Sundays at 7p starting the first day of the challenge, September 10!  
Limited to 12 people.


Coach Adam Kleinfehn is coaching both BEGINNER and ADVANCED Powerlifting throughout the challenge!  
Beginner:  Limited to 6 people
Advanced: Limited to 12 people

Rod Stoen FF Member & Challenge Participant

My biggest challenge was thinking I don't have time to train. But what I found out is just the opposite. Now that I am training, I sleep better, I think better, I am more energetic. I can accomplish more at work in a shorter timeframe, therefore now having that time to train.

I lost 14.8lb & 8.3 inches in just 6 weeks!​

I can credit my success at FF to the staff. Every trainer knows their stuff, and they make it an awesome place to work out.  They write a . new workout every six weeks, and I just have to show up and follow the plan. Also, a few months into my training at FF, I made a conscious decision to show up at every workout and give it my all. I work 100% at every workout, adding weight or challenging myself whenever possible.

Keep showing up and working the program. You won't see results right away, but all of a sudden you will shock yourself at what you are capable of doing.​

Lynn Pietig FF Member and Fall 2015 Challenge Participant