Coach Jackie Ourada

I have been living in Redwood Falls for the last 13 years. I am married to Andy, who is the Redwood Valley Athletic Director. We have 4 children: twins, Lincoln and Austin who are 11, Hailyn who is 9, and Nolan who is 5. The 4 of them keep us on our toes and on the go with their involvement in community activities and sports. I just LOVE being outside and active doing anything at work, working out, running, walking, hiking, playing sports, water sports, boating on the lake…..I just really anything being outside.

I graduated from Southwest State University in Marshall with a BS in Social Work.   I currently work as a School and Family Mental Health Worker in Reede Gray Elementary School where I have worked for the last 12 years. I enjoy teaching and talking about mental health with children and adults. Also through my job I have the opportunity to teach many classes to staff on dealing with others mental health as well as one’s own self care. Most recently I decided to add another opportunity in my Education through completion of Fitness Revolution training, on the job shadowing and required test. I really enjoy learning about strength training, healthy eating, running and working with people and felt this a great opportunity to do this.

I have always enjoyed being active. I played 3 sports each year of my high school career and I have always enjoyed walking. I started running in the summer of 2010 after my son Nolan was born as I thought if I started running I could do it for less time.  As I had 4 young kids and not a lot of time, but I got hooked with running. And I ran my first 5k the next year and since have run a variety of 5ks, fun runs and a 10K. But as I was running I just needed something else, so I started with FF in Fall Challenge in 2014. At that time I was a non-member and only took part in semi-private sessions, as I was nervous to be in the Team Training settings. The challenge went well, and I joined as a member and pushed myself to attend the Team Trainings and still LOVE them.

I have learned so much about training over these last 2 years from FF that I would never have learned on my own. When I was running alone, I just plateaued and nothing was really happening. Leading to myself joining FF training and falling in love with working out.

I really enjoy the friendships I have created at FF with the other members and so many of them are now my friends. The knowledge that I have learned and continue to learn about living a healthy lifestyle keep me in check. I enjoy taking the knowledge that I have learned from FF coaches and sharing it with others to help them to become successful, in both training, running, and healthy eating and healthy choices or whatever their goal might be. Becoming a coach was the next step in my journey to help others reach their goals.

The best part of my job? Working and helping others! I LOVE PEOPLE!

My Words of Wisdom For You All:

I read quotes and work with mental health every day and really focus on living a positive life and being mindful of being positive for myself and others. I most recently read a quote that I called the Triple C’s:

The 3 C’s in Life: Choice, Chance, Change. You must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything in life to Change. At the moment these are just important words for each of us to follow a long in our journeys.

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