Erin Wittwer


I was born and raised in Rochester, MN.  I was involved in sports from a very young age – from watching her older brother and sister to youth soccer and basketball to high school and college!  My love of staying active and being a part of a team continued through college as I played basketball at Gustavus Adolphus College.  Although I was unsure of my future career path, I tentatively settled into a degree in health and physical education with minors in adaptive physical education and coaching.

After two years of teaching, I decided that something was missing.  The constant battle of motivating the kids and trying to keep them on task took away from the impact I wished I could have.  I decided to make the move to Redwood Falls to help Trevor, my then-boyfriend, with his new training business!  While I was helping him with admin work for Functional Fitness, I was also taking classes to learn the skills of a graphic designer — arts and crafts has always been a fun hobby of mine.  Functional Fitness has been a great fit with my diverse background of graphic design, health/fitness teaching and coaching.

The best part of my job at Functional Fitness is the people — employees, clients and community.  It has been a great experience to be a part of such a new business, helping it grow and watching the community embrace FF.  Building the relationships with clients and the trust that they have in FF has made the long hours and new-business struggles worth it!  It is great knowing what a positive impact all the FF coaches have on the community’s health.

Every positive though propels you in the right direction.  The difference between those that succeed and those that get hung up is their mindset and their ability to ask for help.  The common denominator of all of the FF Members of the Month is their ability to have open communication.  They ask about nutrition, ask about proper exercise form, tell the coaches of a recent injury or struggle they’ve been having before it becomes a full-blown set back.  Start your day with a positive thought – make note of your blessings – it’s amazing what a positive mindset can do for you!

Erin’s Fun Fact:  While Trevor and I were attending Gustavus, we were less than “friends,” more like acquaintances.  We didn’t start dating until after we graduated and were coaching at Gustie Leadership & Basketball Camp.  The campers picked up on our connection and planned their wedding for us, which turned out to come true — purple bridesmaids dresses & all!


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