Knowing vs Doing

Are you thinking too much?

You should be eating more vegetables.

I know.

Frequent protein intake will help you lose weight.

I know.

You should eat something before you come in to workout.

I know.

Stop drinking soda (I wrote pop originally because I am from the Midwest but was reminded subconsciously by my cheese-head friend that pop is a sound, stupid social conditioning).

I know.

The list goes on and on.

I hear a lot of “I know” everyday and most frequently from people who are not making very good progress. The people that make exceptional progress are doers.

I say “You need to eat more veggies” and they say “Consider it done,” or “This is how I am going to accomplish it.”

Knowledge is great, but when you don’t do anything with it its useless. Stop wasting your time acquiring knowledge, you know enough, and start doing.

Weight loss is an easy process, its whole lot of doing and a lot less knowing.

Stop “knowing” and start “doing.”

Daily Win

Giant Daily Win Button (Press Daily)

Today, I want to take a moment to talk to you about acknowledging your “daily wins.”

As I was reading today I came across this principle and would like to share it with you.

All of us have goals in life, a mountain peak so to speak.  Most of us want to be on that peak yesterday.  Unfortunately, in the real world, things don’t work like that.  Fat loss and muscle building are definitely no different.

Take a second to picture a real mountaintop in your mind.  Maybe its snow covered in the middle of the Alps or pine laden overlooking the ocean.  Wherever it is I want you to stop thinking about the peak but take your awareness to the sides of the mountain.  Do you see that a valley surrounds each side of the peak?

Now if a climber decides to reach the peak of the mountain he is going to spend the majority of his time in the valley on his quest to the top.

Relating this back to us, we spend the majority of our time in the valley taking steps towards our goals.  We can see the peak but the actions we take everyday get us closer to it.

What I am getting at is that success cannot be measured SIMPLY by reaching the mountain peak but success should include the “daily wins” or the cumulative effect of all the little daily successes that get us to the top.

Acknowledging these “daily wins” leads to a much richer and rewarding life because our focus is on the daily success we have in taking steps towards our goals instead of being “so far from our goal.”  By recognizing the daily wins we build momentum, which is necessary to continue our quest forward toward our ultimate goal.

Let me give you an example.  If you are 30% body fat, which is considered obese, and lose 1% of body fat per month (average progress) after 1 year you will be at 18% body fat.  This is by female standards considered an athletic body type.   That person went from obese to athletic in one year not the mention the countless dollars saved and quality years added to her life from improved health.  1 year, that’s it.

1% might not seem like a lot but over time all those 1% add up into an UNBELIEVABLE total body transformation.

Change does not happen overnight but is rather the accumulation of daily wins.

I encourage you if you keep a journal or want to start is record a few daily wins you had today.   Recording will draw your awareness to these wins and greatly improve your success rate. It will also lead to a greater appreciation of the things you get done everyday leading a richer and more rewarding life.

They can be as simple as…
1.    Made it to boot camp today
2.    Ate breakfast
3.    Spent 1 hr playing with my children

Or as ambitious as
1.    Never had to rest during boot camp
2.    Was compliant on all my meals today
3.    Turned off the tv and spent 30 minutes conversing with my significant other and family during dinner

Acknowledge your daily successes.  Maybe even do it as a family around the dinner table.

Grow Everyday

Success: Why some succeed and others fail

I want to share with you a few thoughts from conversations I have had with some of my clients this week, mainly concerning success.

All of us have goals in life.  We want to do this and we want to do that.  They sound so great and wonderful in the safe-haven of our head, but once we are called upon to act on them something usually comes up.  There is always tomorrow, right?

Many of you reading this newsletter have goals of losing weight, but they are just that, goals.  I want you to stop thinking about goals and start thinking about expectations.  Expect yourself to lose weight, expect yourself to eat better, expect yourself to attend workouts regularly.


Your health, your body, and most importantly you deserve it.

Goals leave too much room for error.  If we fail, too bad, there is always tomorrow.  If you start viewing your goals as expectations you completely change your mindset towards them.  Now all of sudden thoughts of failure are no longer a question.

Here are a few quick ways to start going from goals to expectations:

1.    Write down where you expect to be in 1 month. 3 months, 6 months!

2.    Create a vision board (grab a sheet of a paper and grab some magazines or the internet and cut out images of what you want).  Some may want to lose inches, some gain muscle, some make more money, some become a better cook.  Whatever it is find an image paste it on the board.  Throw some quotes on there for good measure too.

Now put the board somewhere where you can see it every day.  This will be daily motivation for you especially during times when you doubt yourself.  And you will doubt at times, but this will remind you to keep on track.

3.    Hold yourself accountable, tell people about what you want to do.  Reward yourself if you reach your goal: massages are great.

4.    Become part of a group that will help, encourage and support you and become an active member.  Ask questions, give advice, and help others.

5.    Most importantly, TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY.  Don’t wait till tomorrow or until the “right” time comes because it never will.

No matter what it is take action, do SOMETHING to get the ball rolling.  Start building momentum.

Commit to Boot Camp, start cutting out the junk in your diet, schedule a meeting with me to clean up your nutrition, start emailing me questions on how to improve, utilize the resources you have available to you and TAKE ACTION.  If you invest in the process, you will reap much faster rewards and you will develop an unstoppable internal drive.

My most successful clients are the ones who invest themselves in the process.   They make a DECISION at some point and expect themselves to succeed.  Essentially they commit to the process.  They email me great things they have read, they give me tips to share with other clients that work for them, they ask questions, they text me while at restaurants to find out what to eat.  They listen and take immediate action.

Success is not always easy and there will be ups and downs.  Surround yourself with the right people, develop the right habits, and find yourself a mentor so those downs won’t last long and those ups will change your life.

Talk soon,