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Member of the Month – May 2017

Michelle started training with Functional Fitness 4 years ago.  Thinking back to when she started, the biggest change has been her attitude.  When she first began training at FF, Michelle showed up consistently, but her attitude and outlook was hit or miss. Her commitment over time has allowed her to make big changes and recognize certain

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Member of the Month – April 2017

Nathan Jacobson is our newest member of the month!  He dedicated himself to improve his health and nutrition over our 6 week challenge.  During this time, his results proved his dedication — he was 100% compliant in following the nutrition guidelines & dominated the MyZone MEP challenge! With his hard work, he was able to

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Member of the Month – March 2017

Think you have to wait to get in shape before you join Functional Fitness?  Long-time member, Peggy Groebner, proves you wrong.  When Peggy joined FF, she couldn’t hold a plank longer than 3 seconds.  Now she can hold a 2 minute plank, front squat two 12k kettlebells (26.4lb each) for 15 reps, and hip thrust

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