FF Little Champions

FF Little Champions will learn through exploration, guided movement and game play. Our intention is to instill an active lifestyle that focuses on developing healthy habits. The FF coaches introduce the Little Champions to a wide spectrum of non-specific exercise stimulus that aids in the natural development of coordination habits.

From the outside looking in, the Little Champion sessionS may appear like chaos at times, but this is all a part of the plan. The Little Champions will be learning to move efficiently while controlling their bodies in space through the same movements you might see in our Team Training and Semi-Private programming. The difference? The kids will be developing these movements through game play and cooperation. Learning, sweating, improving and having fun all at the same time!

  • dates: PHASES 1 - 4
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Little Champions will meet at Functional Fitness two times each week.  From there, the coach will decide whether they're going to stay inside or take a field trip to the park.  Decision will be made based on weather, temperature, and activities planned.  Each session will include an introduction to soft tissue work, active warm-up, exposure to different movements including the squat, lunge, plank, hop, jump, leap, crawl, and skills like throwing, kicking, catching, balance, and more!  Movements will be taught in a controlled environment and practiced through game play.  Who knew we could pack so much into 45 minutes??


45 minute classes - meet at Functional Fitness

  • ​Mondays at NOON
  • Thursdays at NOON


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