Is your son or daughter looking to dominate on the court or field?

Are they looking for an edge? Want to jump higher, cut quicker, and blaze past your competition?

Are they willing to work hard for what they want?

Do you value expert coaching, individual instruction, and experience in developing young people?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right spot. FF has been developing the best athletes for over 6 years now. Some athletes we have had the chance to train have gone on to run track at the D1 level, play baseball at the D2 level, run track at the D3 level, play volleyball at the D3 level, and countless high school athletes are dominating their respective sports.

  • Phase 1: may 21 - June 30
  • phase 2: july 10 - august 18
  • punch cards

What to Expect in Phase 2: "Peak Performance"

Phase 2's focus is on preparing the athlete to reach peak performance for their competitive season.  Our athletes hit the field or court faster and stronger, ready to dominate the competition.  Continuing into Phase 2, we place a heavy emphasis on nutrition and the fuel our athletes are putting in their body.  Our athletes aren't just strong and fast, but our training philosophy will make them more resilient to injury as well.  This means less time on the sidelines and more time in the game.  

Training Schedule:

Athletes are given freedom in their scheduling throughout the summer.  We understand athletes have jobs, prior commitments and busy schedules which is why we have a wide variety of times for athletes to choose from.  Whether the athletes choose to train two or three days a week or are using a punch card, they'll be able to schedule their training times week to week to maximize their results.  
*Training times subject to change based on athlete enrollment.

  • Mondays:  8a, noon, 6p
  • Wednesdays: noon, 7p
  • Thursdays: 8a
  • Fridays: 7a


  • 2x/wk Training:  $114*
  • 3x/wk Training:  $149*

*Member's kids receive 20% off ticket price


Due to the nature of our training, we have limited space available for athlete training!  Our goal is to provide high level, personalized coaching at each of the training sessions we are offering.  To do this, we are limiting each session to 8 athletes.

In order to make true changes in the off-season with our specialized strength, power & agility program, athletes need to be committed and willing to put in the work. You must apply to be in this group - I will only accept those willing to be have an open mind, work hard, and be consistent.

Like ​all of our clients, we'll screen each athlete prior to starting the training program.  If you're ready to commit to train with FF and elevate your athleticism, contact us to schedule your time to sit down with a coach.  Pick your time for Phase 1:


Monday, May 15 @ 7p -or- Thursday, May 18 @ 6p