Molly has been a member at FF since Fall of 2012.  She came to us already in great shape — she was a runner & lifted weights.  She was, however, struggling with a couple reasons: she had the ability stop her workouts early if she wanted to, simply go through the motions of her workouts instead of pushing herself to get better, and even not attend a workout, as there was nobody holding her accountable.

Molly was recently part of the Fall 2016 Transformation Challenge & was the female with the best results at the end of the 6 weeks.  Despite being in great shape to begin with, Molly dialed in her actions — no cheat meals & she attended every training session she had scheduled — and was able to achieve great results.  In just 6 weeks, Molly lost 9lb of bodyweight, gained 1.1lb of muscle, lost 11.1lb of fat resulting in a 6.8% body fat percentage change!

The take-away here is that it doesn’t matter where you start – when you commit to your health, you can make great changes!



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