Kay Klement came to Functional Fitness in January 2016 from Gibbon, MN, a town 30 miles from Redwood Falls.  The combination of her busy schedule helping her husband on the farm and driving 30 miles each way, she was limited to one day in the gym.  Knowing that she wanted to do more than one day a week of training, Kay committed to doing workouts at home on the days she wasn’t at Functional Fitness.

In the beginning, getting her workouts in was pretty tough.  Because there was all day to do it, other things kept getting pushed in front of the workout.  Although she had good intentions, something was missing.  Most recently, Kay joined the accountability group FF Plus.  With this and the added accountability of using Habit Catalyst, Kay’s outlook completely changed.  Instead of finding reasons for not doing things, she made her health and fitness a priority.  With her new, positive outlook, Kay has made great changes in her life.  Kay has been able to make a 10% change in her body fat percentage, losing over 26 pounds of fat!  While nutrition is still a constant battle, she is able to keep things moving in the right direction with the help of the coaches at FF!

Congrats on your hard work paying off, Kay!


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