Jody has been a member at Functional Fitness March 2012.  That’s more than 4 years of commitment to her health. In those 4 years, she has lost over 40 pounds.  She has truly committed to her health.  She has sought out the coaches to answer questions to take her health and results to the next level. While Jody has encountered some hiccups along the way, she has persevered and remained committed.

Jody is regularly part of our Team Training, but has also participated in Semi-Private, Kickboxing, Yoga, and numerous challenges including a number of Transformation Challenges, Detox Challenges and Holiday Challenges.  Most recently, Jody joined us for tire flipping and has joined our Habit Catalyst groups and taken advantage of FF’s brand new Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna.

The numbers at the bottom of this write-up are reporting numbers that start when we got our InBody machine.  We did not have this when Jody started training, which is why it does not correspond with Jody’s 40 pound weight loss!


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