This was my first powerlifting meet. It sounded fun and to see what I could push my self to lift.

To prepare for the meet, we added the 3 lifts (bench, back squat, deadlift) we would be doing at the meet to my work out program at Functional Fitness, and started this around beginning of February.

The meet was a lot of fun and we got to meet a lot of neat people. It was also humbling at the same time watching some of these people lift amazing weight!
I would definitely participate in another powerlifting meet because I enjoyed myself and with the improvement I made in the few months leading up to the meet, I’m excited to have a full year to get ready for the next one.
If somebody else is thinking about training for a powerlifting meet, it’s a neat experience for sure. Make sure to listen to your coaches. I also think getting used to the commands when you’re lifting is definitely a big part of it.

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