This was my first powerlifting meet.  Coach Britt encouraged me to sign up and my competitive nature also kicked in.

In preparation, I concentrated my workouts on the three lifts, bench press, deadlift & back squat, also training at the RACC when not at FF.

I started really training for this meet in December, I hit a few bumps in the road and could have used a few extra months.  The overall experience of the meet was very enjoyable and a great learning experience.  Everyone was so encouraging and kind.
I will absolutely do it again. I already have my goals set for the next meet.  I will push myself much harder, I am very competitive and want to do much better.

Advice to others:  Try it at least once, it’s not for everyone but you don’t want to always wonder what if.  As for words of wisdom, I would say trust yourself and really push yourself to get to the next level.  Also, PRACTICE THE COMMANDS over and over.  I could have done much better if I would have listened to the judge!

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