Crystal Dahmes – Powerlifter



This was my first powerlifting meet.  Coach Britt encouraged me to sign up and my competitive nature also kicked in.

In preparation, I concentrated my workouts on the three lifts, bench press, deadlift & back squat, also training at the RACC when not at FF.

I started really training for this meet in December, I hit a few bumps in the road and could have used a few extra months.  The overall experience of the meet was very enjoyable and a great learning experience.  Everyone was so encouraging and kind.
I will absolutely do it again. I already have my goals set for the next meet.  I will push myself much harder, I am very competitive and want to do much better.

Advice to others:  Try it at least once, it’s not for everyone but you don’t want to always wonder what if.  As for words of wisdom, I would say trust yourself and really push yourself to get to the next level.  Also, PRACTICE THE COMMANDS over and over.  I could have done much better if I would have listened to the judge!

Shaun Bruns – Powerlifter



This was my first powerlifting meet. It sounded fun and to see what I could push my self to lift.

To prepare for the meet, we added the 3 lifts (bench, back squat, deadlift) we would be doing at the meet to my work out program at Functional Fitness, and started this around beginning of February.

The meet was a lot of fun and we got to meet a lot of neat people. It was also humbling at the same time watching some of these people lift amazing weight!
I would definitely participate in another powerlifting meet because I enjoyed myself and with the improvement I made in the few months leading up to the meet, I’m excited to have a full year to get ready for the next one.
If somebody else is thinking about training for a powerlifting meet, it’s a neat experience for sure. Make sure to listen to your coaches. I also think getting used to the commands when you’re lifting is definitely a big part of it.

Becky Bruns – Powerlifter



This was my first power lifting meet.  When Britt and Dustin suggested signing up I thought “Hey, why not! My motto is you should try everything twice.”
To prepare for the meet I switched all my workouts at FF to focus on powerlifting (with the help of some awesome program writers). I lifted 2-3 days a week at FF and 1-2 days a week at home on our cable cross machine and with dumbbells. (The weights I mean, not Shaun). I started really focusing on this around the end of January, so that gave me about 4 months of prep time.
My experience at the meet was wonderful. Everyone was so friendly and positive. It was like we were all on one big team together and pushing each other to do a little bit more. Let’s face it, especially women can be extremely catty to each other. But at this meet for this day, we were all friends. It didn’t matter if this was your first meet or your 10th or if you were 12 or 60, we all cheered each other on and hoped for the best for each other.
I will definitely do another meet. I can’t wait for the next one. I love the challenge of seeing what youf body can do and pushing it to the next level. I am naturally inclined to have muscle, so I figure “Hey, why not capitalize on that?”
If I were to speak with someone thinking about starting powerlifting I would definitely encourage it. Lifting is not just about building muscle. It strengthens your heart, mind, body and soul. It has been life changing for me and made me a much stronger and happier person!