Squats are important for EVERYBODY – sitting in a chair, going to the bathroom (especially camping…), sitting to the floor or getting up off a bench?  Squatting with the proper position can help save your knees & keep you mobile & pain-free for a longer period of time.

Things to keep in mind while you’re squatting:

  • Feet about hip width apart – this will be different for everybody

  • Toes straight forward or just slightly turned out

  • Screw your feet into the ground as you sit down

  • Drive the knees out – don’t let them go over the toes

  • Reach hips back behind you while keeping an upright posture through your torso

  • Engage your core to help you stay upright & take pressure off your back

  • Keep your eyes straight forward

  • Sit to an appropriate depth – no butt winking 😉


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