We started training at Functional Fitness in August of 2014 after a friend recommended that we sign up for a 6 week challenge. Our motivation was two-fold – we had been trying to lose some weight for quite a while with no success, and had been hearing a lot of research that emphasized the importance of strength training, but didn’t know where to start. We were able to reach our goals with the challenge and after 6 weeks of training with the Functional Fitness Staff, we felt so good that we didn’t want to stop! Training together as a couple has had so many great benefts. We both feel great as a result of working out, both try to eat healthy food, and we’re accountable to each other to get to the gym. We feel fortunate that Functional Fitness is here in Redwood Falls and that we can continue to work on achieving our goals as a result of the great Functional Fitness Staff!



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