December 2015: Lynn & Mark Madsen

While our kids were in school we stayed pretty busy in the evenings going to all of their sporting events. Since they graduated we suddenly didn’t have that busy winter schedule anymore. We were parked in the recliners one evening and saw the ad for FF about the upcoming challenge. We decided it was time to get out of the recliners and start moving and it has changed our lives.

We jumped into the challenge and embraced the workouts and the eating habits together. We would prepare a lot of the meals at the beginning of the week like it was suggested and that made eating healthy easier. Everyone has a weak moment once in a while but since we were doing this together it was easier to stay focused and keep each other on track. (Had a couple close calls driving because Lynn tried to grab the steering wheel from my hands and turn into DQ).

Working out has now become a normal part of our lives. We feel so much better both physically and mentally and are staying way more active than we used to.

A big thanks to all the trainers at FF. How about 2 claps and a Ric Flair.


December 2015: Kirby & Donalee Josephson

Spending time together is a limited commodity and we totally enjoy working out together at Functional Fitness. We are maintaining our physical health and working together to eat more nutritionally-balanced meals. Incidents of “cheating” take on new meaning when we’re both working toward a goal of healthier living. Most importantly though, we are both more flexible, stronger and have endurance to complete physical tasks that had been declining as we age. We have stamina and energy similar to 20 years ago! It’s been great to be part of Functional Fitness together.


December 2015: Wendell Veurink & Patrice Loidolt

Our story began about 3 years ago. It started with Patrice deciding she wanted to lose some weight. We both had talked about it but she was the first to begin the life change. She started eating better and began a program through her physician to get her on the right track. She did well and the changes became evident. I watched her success and decided to join the cause. My motivation came at my work when a wellness program was started and I felt I needed to be healthier also. Once we were both on the same page, life became a bit easier (exercising and eating right is still not easy but we feel better). We avoided bringing unhealthy food in the house, we encouraged each other and supported one another. We both did very well.

I was exercising at home but Patrice had a more difficult time doing this on her own. So she decided to join FF after a friend spoke well about it. She joined and was on her way. When a team challenge came around, she asked if I would do it with her and that is where I first started at FF. (I had gained some of the weight I had lost and needed a boost). The challenge was good, we learned new things together both in a variety of fitness activities and furthering our understanding of healthy nutritional eating. After the challenge, Patrice continued at FF, but I did not as we have to drive at least a half hour each way to do so and it did not fit into my work schedule.

Patrice and I both got off track a bit in our eating (stress was a definite factor in this) but she continued at FF, and I did some exercise at home. When another challenge came around we both felt it would be good for us, so we signed up again. It got us back to eating better, and for me being on target with consistent exercising. After the challenge, I decided to stay involved with FF to help in accountability, and Patrice has continued her faithful weekly regime there.   Each week as we drive down, we are not only reminded of our goals of nutrition and exercise, but we get a good chance to talk about life.

Patrice has reached (or is real close) her weight loss goal, and has lost 100 pounds. I lost 75 pounds originally (gained some back and now am back to losing that plus a bit more). Staying connected to FF is good for us to remain on target both nutritionally and physically.   The support from the FF coaches and from doing this journey together keeps us on track.   We just wish you were closer to our house!


December 2015: Pam & Scott Prouty

We both started at Functional Fitness on January 2nd, 2012. Working out at Functional Fitness five to six times a week has become part of our daily routine.

As a FF couple we encourage one another, complain to one another, celebrate victories together, and move beyond setbacks together. We constantly invite others to join FF because we feel healthier, stronger and more energetic.

Working together ensures that we keep each other coming — it would be really easy to wake up in the morning, turn the alarm off and keep sleeping.  We help each other continue to be consistent.


December 2015: Jeff & Jen Manthei

It really “clicked” for us when we did our first challenge together in 2012. Prior to this first challenge, while both of us wanted to be healthy and be in shape, neither of us knew how to achieve our fitness goals. Once we joined Functional Fitness and completed our first challenge, it all came together for us. We had the same goals, we ate the same things, we helped keep each other accountable and we had fun figuring out the right ways to be healthy. While we usually aren’t competitive, because this was an individual challenge, it was fun trying to outdo each other. We both finished in the top two in this first challenge.

Because we have had so much fun in this fitness journey over the last few years, we continue to push ourselves and enjoy the knowledge and accountability Functional Fitness and other members/friends provide us by being members of Functional Fitness.