I (Debbie) started working out almost two years ago after hearing Dusty talk at my Study Club.  I was intimidated to start working out, but he made me realize everyone works at their own pace to improve their health and physical well-being.  What did I have to lose?  I wanted to feel better both physically and mentally.  Sitting at a desk all day made me feel sluggish and worn out.  I signed up and found out just how out-of-shape I was!  It was hard work and I wasn’t sure how long I’d continue.  I didn’t change my diet much because I didn’t want to disrupt our patterns at home, so I didn’t lose much weight. I convinced Tom to do to the Fall Challenge with me in 2014.

What a difference a partner made for me! We keep each other motivated to work hard and challenge our own progress. We push harder with a partner at our side. We discuss workouts, what we liked, what was most challenging, how to work out better, etc. We find working out is now a regular part of our week and truly miss it when we are away. The class spills out into our everyday life too. We walk more and stay active for longer periods of the day. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and acquire more energy and patience.

We set goals together and plan healthy meals and snacks. Temptations are fewer when you know someone is watching what you are putting in your mouth! We no longer look at exercise as something we will do when we have time, but make it a priority and part of our week.

We have tried other workout facilities but Functional Fitness is the cream of the crop. The staff truly cares and helps in any way they can for us to get the results we are looking for by their encouragement. We love that workouts are created for us and feel the whole body is challenged. However, we know results will show by our efforts and we feel lucky to have our own cheerleaders by our sides!


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