While our kids were in school we stayed pretty busy in the evenings going to all of their sporting events. Since they graduated we suddenly didn’t have that busy winter schedule anymore. We were parked in the recliners one evening and saw the ad for FF about the upcoming challenge. We decided it was time to get out of the recliners and start moving and it has changed our lives.

We jumped into the challenge and embraced the workouts and the eating habits together. We would prepare a lot of the meals at the beginning of the week like it was suggested and that made eating healthy easier. Everyone has a weak moment once in a while but since we were doing this together it was easier to stay focused and keep each other on track. (Had a couple close calls driving because Lynn tried to grab the steering wheel from my hands and turn into DQ).

Working out has now become a normal part of our lives. We feel so much better both physically and mentally and are staying way more active than we used to.

A big thanks to all the trainers at FF. How about 2 claps and a Ric Flair.


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