Three words have become ingrained in our minds since joining Functional Fitness:

Commitment, Challenge, and Accountability.

Lori joined back in July of 2011. After listening to Lori’s enthusiasm as well seeing her results after only 6 months at FF, Owen joined the following February of 2012. We had been members of a “come on your own time” gym, but just weren’t going on a regular basis. Making the decision to workout together, and with Functional Fitness’s commitment to teaching healthy living and exercise made it easier for us it to stick with a regular workout schedule.

We feel without a doubt it’s more rewarding to work out together, as well as take on these challenges on as a couple; we love each other, support each other, know each other, and want the other to succeed. It has not been easy by any means and there have been set backs. But we love a challenge, and at FF they love to challenge us.

We have challenged each other at times to come up with new recipes for bulk cooking on the weekends.

There are times that we get in a rut and just don’t feel like working out. We have had health issues that has limited or suspended our workouts. It’s important to have the support of your spouse as a partner. We keep each other in the loop when one is gone, and help keep each others spirits up. It also helps stay accountable when you have your spouse remind you to get signed up for class, and not to skip a class.


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