December 2015: Jackie and Andy Ourada

We have been married for 15 years and have 4 kids and a very active in all aspects of our life.  Both Andy and I have been active in working out for years, with him as a coach for Wrestling for 14 years and Jr High Football, and for myself in running and Functional Fitness, beginning in the Fall of 2012.  Andy and I are both self determined and work well to push each other in getting our workouts in and doing better each time.  We have typically both worked out on our own and did our own things, yet always comparing our running times and distances or discussing and comparing what amount we are lifting.

During the summer/fall of 2013 we both ran our first 10K and we worked out and prepared for this event together and had a great time doing so. Then in April of 2015, I finally talked Andy into joining FF to train for the Tough Mudder with our friends and he did and we have been enjoying this as well!  In working out together, it helps to keep each other accountable and on track for workouts, along with some healthy competition too. This accountability (and competition) also helps when you are living with a common mindset at home.  It is also helpful in making healthier choices with nutrition and how we eat at home and making healthier choices for ourselves and our family… there is strength in numbers!

We look forward to 2016 in what this next year in what our fitness and nutrition journey has in store for us!


December 2015: Tammy Freese & Craig Serbus

We both were ready to commit to a change in our lifestyle and it just so happened that the Fall Transformation Challenge of 2014 was the sign we needed to make things happen and push us forward.  Before the challenge, we had the typical Minnesota Nice nutrition plan filled with hotdishes and lots of sugary treats in the house and WAY too much dining out.  Our activity level was sporadic with walking the dog as our main source of exercise.  We were leery as to what we had gotten ourselves into when we first started with FF!

Now, we can’t imagine doing this without each other.  We are so conscious of what we have in the house to stay on point with nutrition and work together to have meals and snacks that keep us on track and aren’t afraid to call each other out if one of us sees the other slipping.  Another focus is meal planning to set up a week of success instead of caving in to convenience.  We also try to sneak in more “together time” to schedule the same training sessions when possible, which also helps us to hold the other accountable for getting in our work out times each week and we can discuss the exercises together and challenge each other in a friendly manner too.

Before FF, it was never a priority to schedule that time, now we make that an expectation of our week, no matter how busy it may be.  Even when we are on vacation, we make it a point to be active and focus on that type of activity rather than focus on food or sedentary pursuits.  The support of each other added with the support of the FF coaches have equaled our healthiest year yet as we look back on 2015.