December 2015 – Patrice & Greg Henjum

Probably one of the best gifts that couples can give each other is the gift of health. I started at Functional Fitness about 1 year before Greg came on board. We have been married for 19 years, and we, like many, look back at our wedding picture and see how skinny we were!

The years went by and we have had gym memberships and have gone up and down in weight, but have never worked out together! We are definitely in that majority of Americans that like to eat at restaurants and celebrate with family, which involves cake, fried foods, and everything bad for you!

So over the years, the fat and weight just kept sticking, until Functional Fitness had a partner challenge during the Fall of 2014. I was able to convince Greg to join me as my partner and we started a new battle together for the first time not only to lose fat, but to get healthier!

For anybody that wonders, that support system at home is WONDERFUL! It makes a difference. We ate the same foods and were always there for each other. After the Fall and Winter Challenges, Greg lost 28 pounds of fat and almost 50 pounds and I lost 17 pounds of fat and 25 pounds overall.

Our health insurance went down because of good health discounts. The challenges are great, but after the six weeks are over, you need to maintain what you have done, this is more difficult. Greg and I have had our share of struggles keeping on track to maintain our improved health. YES, there have been bad days, but we have continued to work out together at FF, and we have continued to remind each other of our goals, let the bad days go, you can’t have them back, but you can always improve!

Again, the best gift you can give to each other is the gift of health. We wish you all a happy and healthy 2016!