Welcome to the FUNCTIONAL FITNESS State Fair Survival Guide!IMG_4912

Of course you’ll all be planning a trip to The Great Minnesota Get-Together – whether it’s this weekend, next year, in years to come.  There’s no avoiding this tradition!
Why not challenge yourself to stay on track throughout your visit and
feel accomplished rather than grease-filled when you leave?
First things first:  Eat a good breakfast.

The worst think you can do is go to the fair on an empty stomach.  So get up and enjoy the breakfast of champions — no, not Wheaties, but eggs with some veggies and some water of course!  Start the day our as a success and keep it going that way.  BUT, if your plan is to visit the fair early to miss out on the people watching, I mean, avoid the crowds…. We did find this healthy option (Texas Ranch Eggs)!  I can’t be 100% sure where we found it, but I believe it was in the Garden (Crossroads Building).


Pack your own water.

Not only will you save money, but you’ll save on all the empty calories available at the State Fair.  Whether its the fruity drinks, the beer garden or the 1919 Root Beer — steer clear!  Hydrate with water — and save the $3 for a 20oz once you’re inside.   I challenge you to find this t-shirt that explains Minnesota Lingo — just don’t let it tempt you to order a glass of soda OR pop.


Hit the Food Building.

This is a great central place with many healthy food options.  We’ve documented some great, tasty options below.  We’ve done the research, so you can enjoy the healthy food & the people watching!

Be sure to check out Veggie Pie that offers fresh cut veggies, watermelon & other fruit bowls!  Lamb shop offers healthy Lamb Chops….. ON A STICK!










Exploring the International Bazaar?

While there are MANY, many unhealthy options, we were able to find this diamond in the rough.  Chan’s offers Chicken with Mixed Vegetables.  If this doesn’t say Stay on Track, we don’t know what does!


Other Goodies Around the Fair.

There are also some other, more exotic options for your enjoyment.  Whether it’s a monster Turkey Leg or Pork Chop ON A STICK — you won’t feel deprived here!  Also, my all-time favorite – MINNEKABOB.  This may be the #1 Healthiest Option.  Buffalo ON A STICK — with veggies!














Now you have all the know-how you need to stay on track while enjoying the sites, sounds & smells of The Great MN Get-Together!  Let us know if you find any other hidden treasures.

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