FF Champions (Ages 14+)


The ‘FF Champions’ phase is where more concerted training application takes place. Whether the goal is sporting excellence, fitness, wellness or obesity prevention, this portion of the FF Athlete Curriculum is based on solid execution and fundamental training habits so that each participant can maximize their respective goals.

The movements taught to these athletes will carry over to all sports by improving power and explosiveness as well as quickness and agility.  Building these skills in the off season is how high level athletes earn their success.


Athlete Screening:

Section 2: Contact FF to Set Up Your Screening*

*required before training if you’re not currently training at FF


Training Times:

Mondays at 8am or noon
Tuesdays at 8am or noon
Thursdays at 8am or noon

No FF Champions training July 3 – July 8

60 Minute Sessions

In order to make true changes in the off-season with our specialized strength, power & agility program, athletes need to be committed and willing to put in the work.  You must apply to be in this group – I will only accept those willing to be have an open mind, work hard, and be consistent. Choose your training time, 8am or noon, and contact Functional Fitness to register!


3 Sections:

Section 1: May 23 – June 10 (3 weeks)

Section 2: June 13 – July 15 (4 weeks)

Section 3: July 18 – August 12 (4 weeks)



Section 1:  $79.99
Section 2:  $99.99
Section 3:  $99.99



Section 1:  $95.99
Section 2:  $119.99
Section 3:  $119.99


FF Champions is limited to 12 athletes per session.


Contact us with your questions


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  1. brenda sommers Reply

    I have 16 year old wanting to do FF champions curious where we sign up. Also wondering if Cameran Sommers should continue with semi-private throughout summer or if this is something he would be ready to do along with his brother.

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