A year and a half ago, I was in good shape, ate pretty healthy and took vitamins.  Then I was in a car accident and sustained a compression fracture in my L1.  I had never broken anything before and I am getting older.  People all said, “Make sure you heal good.”  It was hard for me; I didn’t exercise, play golf, lift heavy and I ate whatever I wanted.  I was in a slump.
Two friends told me about Functional Fitness and I decided that’s what I needed – a trainer that would work with me and my back.  I didn’t know Trevor, Dustin and Erin were college graduates in this field at the time.  I am so impressed with their knowledge of health & why they make me do certain exercises.  I have watched them work with other people with injuries and they take their time with them.
The greatest benefit I get from training with Functional Fitness is their knowledge of how the body works  and how to make it move properly.  I wasn’t scared to work out with them because they knew about my injury and worked with me.  They are very knowledgeable about how to exercise and why I am doing those exercises.
I worked out all summer – lost fat and gained muscle but gained weight. It took me participating in the Fall 2013 Transformation Challenge that made me lose weight. Following Trevor’s diet parameters for the challenge made me lose weight — and I have continued  making that my lifestyle. Now when I “cheat,” I don’t feel good. I love talking to Trevor about what I should and should not eat, especially getting closer to going to AZ.
I finally got in the right mindset and took control of eating healthy.  I am proud to finally get back on track with eating and surprised what I can do physically.

It is worth the time and effort.


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