How long have you been a member of Functional Fitness?

I started July 2011, one month after Trevor started Functional Fitness.

What have you accomplished since working with Functional Fitness?

I have lost over 45 pounds, gone from a size 16 to a 10 and overall feel so much better!!

Why have you been successful?

Trevor and his staff have lead by example, met me where I was at and taught me how to hold myself accountable for my health and well-being and enjoy it at the same time!!  I have learned to change my eating habits.  (No more 8 oreos and milk in the middle of the night.)

Why do you continue to train with Functional Fitness?

1.  I feel so much better physically, mentally and emotionally.
2.  It has become a habit.
3.  You can be social or private in the sessions and it feels okay.
4.  I want to keep working on my flexibility and strength to keep up with my granddaughter — and as Trevor would say, we need to learn to move the right way, like a baby.
5.  I notice many farming and household tasks are a lot easier to do.
6.  Every day/week we are doing a different exercise.
7.  Staff are always positive and passionate about what they do.
8.  All the class options and times.
9.  They provide different levels to accommodate all fitness levels at once.
10.  The music (I love the 80s!).
11.  I like the way my clothes fit.
12.  It helps me keep grounded at work.
13.  I have more energy.
14.  It is something my husband and I can do together.
15.  I feel sore some days and still want to come back.
16.  Staff are willing to listen to new ideas or comments and make changes as they see fit.
17.  It’s a place you can make new friends, encourage and welcome strangers, and rekindle old friendships.
18.  I don’t think I have been sick since I started (Wow!).
19.  I am still making progress.
20.  Functional Fitness gives back to the community and their members in a creative way.

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