Congratulations to Vicky Kuehn – not just on being Member of the Month, but on taking control of her life!  What an amazing story she has – keep reading to read her full interview.  If this doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will!


1.  How long have you been working with Trevor or a member of Functional Fitness?

I have been training with Trevor for a year. I started with private training sessions and then went to semi-private training sessions.


2.  Why do you continue to train here?

Training is a part of my lifestyle now. I love the training sessions. I love to challenge myself to do better than I did before. I like what Functional Fitness has to offer. There are nutritional seminars, grocery store tours, group challenges, charity workouts, and several different training options. Trevor constantly challenges me to look at my habits. What can I do differently to create new habits that support my new lifestyle? The habit does not need to be a big life changing event. It just needs to be a habit that I can attain and it needs to support my new lifestyle. I only need to look at today – take baby steps. Trevor takes care of the planning. He coaches me on the training and nutrition. I just need to show up ready to train and willing to carry out his plan.


3.  What have you accomplished so far physically?

I have rid myself of 41% of my original body weight which equates to 107 pounds. I no longer have high blood pressure. I no longer have stomach issues. My diabetes is in remission. I no long have to take any prescription drugs.


4.  What was your biggest frustration or challenge before working with Functional Fitness?

I was very sick. I had diatebes, high blood pressure, stomach issues, and I was extremely obese. I was seeing doctors and medical specialists regularly to try to figure out what was wrong with me physically. I was very frustrated with their inability to help me get better. I was my very own personal drug store because of the large amount of presciption drugs I needed to take daily in an attempt to get my body to function normally. How has your mindset changed since you started training? I am directly responsible for what happens to me – not the medical profession or anyone else. I need to create and carry out habits that will support my new healthy lifestyle.


5.  What made you decide to start training?

I was sick and didn’t know what to do next. I had seen a flyer at work advertising Functional Fitness. I had walked by this flyer many times – looking at it and then moving on. One day one of the medical specialists I had been seeing told me that I needed to either get myself healthy or start planning my funeral. I again walked by the flyer, but this time I wrote down the email address and then sent Trevor an email asking for his help.


6.  Why have you been successful?

I decided to stop being the expert. I decided to stop trying to over analyze everything before I did anything. I put my faith what Trevor asked me to do. He does the plan. I execute the plan. I am directly responsible for what happens to me.


7.  What do you think is the greatest benefit you get training with Functional Fitness?

I get people that truly care about my well being. I get a family of people that are all striving for a healthier lifestyle. I know Functional Fitness will be there to help me succeed in building a healthy lifestyle for me.


8.  If you could give one piece of advice to someone who wants to accomplish what you have accomplished or simply get started in a regular exercise routine what would it be?

Do something – anything to get started, like I did when I decided to email Trevor asking him for help. Take that initial step to get started. Make the decision to get healthy – start small – start today – focus on today.


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