Do you have 4 minutes?

Then you definitely have enough time to get a quick workout in.  Enter the Tabata method.

Developed, researched, and made popular by a Japanese researcher this method is one of the fastest, most efficient ways of increasing both aerobic and anaerobic capacity while incinerating fat in the 24 hours following the workout. Thanks a little guy called EPOC, excess post-oxygen consumption.

In layman’s terms EPOC is your body is trying to recover from what you just did to it in the last four minutes so it elevates your metabolism, burning more calories at rest.  Its like a +1 in Mario Bros.

The method is simple, pick one exercise. 8 rounds of 20 seconds of ultra-intense work followed by 10 seconds of rest.  Then, proceed to peel your face off the floor.

My two favorite exercises to do with this is protocol are

1.  Squats

2.  Burpees or Thrusters

3.  Upright Bike Sprints

4.  Elliptical Sprints

5.  Speed Jump rope

As with all my exercises I give progressions so you have to decide where you are at.



Level R (Rehab) – Split Squat Hold – progress to split squats

Level 1:  Bodyweight Squats

Level 2:  Band Squats (start with red please) or Barbell Front Squats

Level 3:  Jump Squats

Level 4: Wear Weight Veset

Level 5:  Band Jump Squats or Barbell/Dumbbell Jump Squats


Burpee Progression

Level R: Hold Push-Up Position

Level 1:  Hands Elevated Burpee — progress to using a smaller and smaller box

Level 2:  Ground Burpee

Level 3:  Ground Burpee w/ jump at the top

Level 4:  Group Burpee w/ push-up at the bottom and jump at the top

Level 5:  Wear a weight vest

Level 6:  Place a small human being on your back

Level 7:  If you get to this point you are superhuman and I bow in your prescence


The protocol again…

Pick one total body exercise and repeat for the duration of the workout.


1.  Spidermans

2.  Adductor Mobilizations

3.  Hip Bridge

4.  Split Squat Left

5.  Split Squat Right

Tabata Workout

Work: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

8 rounds (4 minutes total)


One Final Point:  Record the number of reps you complete in each round.  Then on each subsequent workout strive to beat your total.

Good Luck and let me know in the comments which exercises work best for you.




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