Here are a few quick tips on how to better your training or exercise experience all together.

1.  Buy Some Gloves

If your hands hurt, buy gloves.  If you don’t want callouses, buy gloves.  If the bands are bothering your hands, utilize the handle or buy gloves.  The moral of the story is, if you don’t want your hands to look like mine, buy gloves.  P.S.  My hands look like I lift a lot of weights without gloves, lots of callouses.

Gloves make the hands grow fonder!


2.  Layer Your Clothing

A good friend of mine and bad a** trainer really drove this point home for me when I was out visiting him a few weeks ago.  We live in MN, it gets freakin’ cold here.  My goal for you, stay as warm as possible from house, to car, to gym.  The solution, add a base layer.  Preferably, something that is tight fitting like Under Armour®.  I am a frugal dude so I have resorted in the past to Walmart brand cotton long underwear (you know the bright blue kind) or my preferred brand Target has a great low-cost Underarmorish brand I cannot think of right now.  Wait I just thought of it, its Champion.  It costs about half as much and gets the job done just as well.

Once you have your base layer down throw on a t-shirt and a long-sleeve.  Then, a coat, hat and gloves.  Yes a hat, you lose most of your heat through your head and we don’t want any of that hot air going anywhere.

These steps will help prevent the huge swings in body temperature as you transition from house to car to gym.  This will cause much less stress to your body and keep you feeling great all winter.

So, the moral of the story is layer up.  You can always take stuff off in class if you get warm.

Base Layer

3.  Make sure you are hydrating during class.  This doesn’t just mean while you are working out.  Have a huge glass of water immediately after your wake up so you are hydrated when you come to class.  Then, bring a large bottle of water or drink Pro/Grade Workout before/during class to get the most benefit out of the session.

Water is the secret elixir of fat loss, sorry its going to cost you FREE dollars.

That is all!


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