So the other day I was traveling and needed some food hardcore.  I am not a big fast food fan so whenever I get hungry I usually just stop at a grocery store and browse around till I find something.  Like any convenience store grocery stores have loads of energy bars, health bars, and “give me diabetes now” bars.  I have only found a select few “health” bars I will actually eat.

As I was searching through the “health” bar section and reading labels (yes, I read labels and so should you).  I came across this bar called the Larabar.  It flat out blew me away.  They use at maximum 5 ingredients in their bars.  Their base is nuts and fruit.  I had to stop for a second to catch my breath.  Could this really be true, does a company actually care about the health of its consumers, no way.  I tried to find fault with these bars but just couldn’t do it.  They use whole fruit and nuts.  They are loaded with fiber which makes up for them being a tad high in sugar.  I can deal with sugar from natural fruit sources though.  Flat out AMAZING.

So next time you are searching for a quick snack check out LARABAR!


mmmm…banana cookie



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