Fat Loss Rules (The Refrigerator)


Clean House!

Last time we went over the “why” we need to rid our house of junk to protect and enhance our physique. This week lets delve into the “how” we go about doing that and “what” we should be replacing.

I need to preface this cleaning with a simple warning: This will be hard. Throwing the first few half full bottles of sauces and condiments will be difficult and someone may need to pry them from your hands. One piece of advice, emotionally disconnect yourself from the food. The food is simply something you bought; you are not throwing away a piece of yourself each time that sugar bucket hits the garbage.

Alright, let’s get down to it.


Let’s begin in the refrigerator.

Start by getting rid of that stuff in the back. It’s been there for 3 months. You didn’t use it last month, and you won’t use it next month. Clean house, and get rid of it.

Furthermore, anything containing mold should also be thrown. Unless of course, you are running your own culture lab, then well, maybe just move it to the lab.

Now, lets move to the infamous door. Don’t get intimidated. There is a lot of work to do, but here are 4 hints to help you get started.


1. High Fructose Corn Syrup — At some point I will do an entire post on fructose and its detriments to our health, but for right now just trust me, clean house. Your physique and health will thank you. If it has HFCS in it throw it immediately.

2. Sugar (syrups – agave, maple, corn, anything ending in –ose – fructose, sucrose, dextrose, HFCS, brown sugar etc…) If sugar is in the first five ingredients on the list, get rid of it. I would even go as far as getting rid of it all together if it’s anywhere in the ingredient list.

3. Hydrogenated & Partially Hydrogenated Oils (partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, hydrogenated oils, margarine etc…) — Partially hydrogenated oils are more commonly known as trans fats. Fully hydrogenated oils do not contain trans fats but are still unhealthy. Don’t simply look at nutritional facts. If a product contains these ingredients, clean house, even if it is considered to trans fat free.

4. Canola Oil, Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil and Palm Oil. Look closely at your dressings because these will be major ingredients in most of them. The reasons “why” are way beyond the scope of this article, but one quick tidbit is simply their high concentration of Omega 6s to Omega 3s (with the exception of canola oil).

I need you to actually go into your fridge and look at some labels. This is your health we are talking about and if improving it and/or looking good naked is a goal make a conscious effort to do this.

3 FOODS (if you can even call them that) TO THROW IMMEDIATELY

1. Fruit Juice
2. Soft Drinks (seriously, stop drinking soda)
3. Baked goods, bars, bagels, and pastries – save these for special occasions. If these are available 24/7, hello snacking.

Remember the rule, if it’s in your house, you WILL eat it.

You are probably thinking, “What do I replace all this stuff with?”

Your staples should be…
• olive oil
• flaxseed oil
• coconut oil

If you want to get exotic, pick up avocado oil and walnut oil. Remember, these are your staples, if you have other oil occasionally that is fine but these MUST be your go-to’s.

I will never leave you hanging so her are a few action steps to get you building some momentum towards a healthier you.


Ever thought about making your own dressings? Doing so is actually fairly easy. All you need is a large salad dressing shaker and a few key ingredients.

Start with a base of
1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2. Add a vinegar (apple cider, balsamic, red wine, white wine, rice)

The magic ratio of oil to vinegar is 3 : 1

Then add spices (not all of them but here are some examples)
1. 1/4 c. stone ground mustard
2. Juice of 1 lemon
3. Juice of 1 lime and handful of chopped cilantro
4. Chopped basil, oregano and rosemary
5. 1/2 c. pureed raspberries

You can also buy some quality dressings but be aware of the ingredients and added sugars. Look in the organic section or at a small co-op for better selections.


Here are 3 sauces and condiments that won’t wreck your physique. Plus, you can buy these pre-made at the store or make your own.

1. Guacamole
2. Salsa
3. Hummus
4. Hot Sauce (I LOVE TABASCO)
5. Mustard

*When buying the above foods be sure to check for the previously mentioned ingredients to make sure none of the health wrecking components are sneaking their way into your diet.

This should give you a quick idea of what should and should not be in your fridge. Take the courage to throw away the stuff sabotaging your health and replace it with healthy alternatives.

Here is quick list of resources to improving your kitchen. I tend to find cheaper items online, and quite frankly its easy. Buy in bulk and save.

Salad Dressing container:

Chef’s Planet 8-Ounce Glass Cruet

Great cooking oil, marinade, and a whole host of EVERYTHING

Cert Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 16 oz (454 grams) Solid Oil

Quality Salad Dressing and Seasoning Ingredients

Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2 Liters (Product of Italy)

My favorite:

TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauce – Original Red Gallon

Apple Cider Vinegar – 128 oz

Flaxseed Oil, High Lignan 16 fl oz (474 ml) Liquid

Fat Loss Rules

If its in your house you WILL eat it.

I like to consider myself a pretty healthy person.  I mean, I coach others on the topic and talk about it on the Internet, so I better be right?  Unfortunately, this is not the sight I see when I visit some big box gyms. You know what I am talking about, the overweight trainer coaching fat loss.  Nice!  Rant over!  Nonetheless everyone falls at some point.  What if we could prevent falls in the first place?

I have just one simple rule to ENSURE that I stick to my plans and stay with my body composition goals.

I don’t have any junk foods in the house.

This makes life easy.  I don’t have to make any decisions “in the moment.”  You know what I am talking about, that time when hunger strikes and you will simply eat anything in sight, even if it was created in a laboratory and will stay fresh for the better part of a century.

I set up my environment so the decision is made for me.  I don’t have to fight temptation because I simply remove it in the first place.   Quite simply, if it’s in my house I can eat it, and if I want something special like a double chocolate sundae supreme cookie dough blizzard from DQ I have to consciously go out and get it.

This conscious effort eliminates almost all non-conscious eating.    You know the “did I really just finish that whole bag of chips during my favorite tv show; no wait, it was half empty before I started, right?” syndrome.

Plain and simple we eat more than we think.  Science has proven it.  Don’t believe me CHECK OUT THIS STUDY of people who ate a ton of stale popcorn. Yes, stale.

Self-control is overrated.

Let me repeat that again, self-control is overrated.  It sounds good in your safe place (i.e. your head), but once you hit the real world all preconceived notions get thrown out the window.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here.  If the candy dish is on the counter, each time you walk by, you will have just one little piece.  Over the course of the day just one little piece turns into the whole bag.

To give more evidence to my point, I ran a study of one, me.  Recently I had a visit from my mother and with her she brought the devil itself, grandma’s oatmeal raisin cookies.   Not just a few, but enough to feed a small army.  Being the smart person I was, I left them out on the counter.

Do I listen to the advice I give?

All is well though, I vowed to have just one every once in awhile.  I am so valiant.  See how I said “once in awhile.” Using this ambiguous phrase I cannot fail because if I manipulate the phrase enough it could mean every time I walk past the counter.

Well, they were a gift, from my grandma of all people.  I don’t want to disappoint grandma, do I?  Long story short, I had already downed a handful by the time I finished thinking of my vow.

Up to this point, I never thought of cookies.  Never.  I have adjusted to life without extra sugar.  I find this new life rather pleasant.  When those cookies entered the house though, it was on.  Remember the vow: just one….handful.

Needless to say the box was gone in about two days.   Every time I passed by the box, hungry or not, I HAD to have a cookie.  I even tried putting them in the cupboard.  Now every time I saw the cupboard I thought cookie.

I am actually craving a cookie right now writing about it.

Just for the record, I just ate and am not hungry.  The mind plays funny games, but can I cheat, nope, no cookies here anymore (I ate them all).

Moral of the story:  Even seasoned veterans, when tempted with temptation over and over and over again, will eventually give in.  We are human.

The Solution

Get the crap that is directly sabotaging your diet out of the house.  You know, the sodas, the cookies, and that stuff growing mold in the back of the refrigerator.  Start with that for now, and I will be back to discuss some more specifics soon.

If you are serious about your health, take this first step to setting up a healthy environment. IMMEDIATELY!